Concerning the Service | Celebration of a New Ministry

Additional Directions

The Institution, the Ministry of the Word, and the Induction should occur at the entrance of the chancel, or in some other place where the bishop and other ministers may be clearly seen and heard by the people.

The Letter of Institution is appropriate for the induction of a rector of a parish, the dean of a cathedral, and others having similar tenure of office. Its wording may be altered by the bishop when circumstances require. In other cases, the bishop may state briefly the nature of the person's office and the authority being conferred.

The new minister is normally presented to the bishop by the wardens of the parish, but additional, or other, persons may do this when desired.

The Litany may be sung or said standing or kneeling, but the bishop always stands for the salutation and Collect at the end of it. The Collect of the Day, or a Collect of the season, or another prayer suitable to the occasion, may be used instead.

Before the Gospel, there may be one or two Readings from Scripture. Any of the Readings, including the Gospel, may be selected from the Proper of the Day, or from the passages cited in the service. Other passages suitable to the circumstances may be substituted. Appropriate selections may be found in the service for the Ordination of a Deacon or in the Lectionary for Various Occasions.

The sermon may be preached by the bishop, the new minister, or some other person; or an address about the work of the congregation and of the new minister may be made. Representatives of the congregation or of the community, the bishop, or other persons present, may speak in response to the address or sermon.

The symbols presented should be large enough to be visible to all and should remain in the sight of the congregation during the Induction. The vestments and bread and wine may be used in the Eucharist which follows.

The priest's prayer is appropriate only for rectors of parishes, vicars of missions, hospital chaplains, and other priests having similar canonical charge.

For the Great Thanksgiving, any of the authorize eucharistic prayers may be used.